We have a serious cookbook problem in our house. We love the idea of making wonderful food from scratch so we buy the latest Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, or even celebrity chef cookbook. We drool over the photos and read them like novels.

And then they gather dust.

It’s not to say we don’t cook or that we don’t use any cookbooks. But most of the time our cooking is utilitarian. It’s a quick fix for a weeknight dinner. And more than likely, I’ll turn to the internet desperately googling the few ingredients we have on hand to see if I can find a way to call it dinner.

As you might have guessed, I’m not a meal planner either.

In all seriousness, The Skinnytaste Cookbook has changed all that. I’ve tried a few recipes from the Skinnytaste blog and thought they were quite good. And on a whim, I added the Skinnytaste Meal Planner to my Amazon wishlist at Christmas.

Well, the meal planner was received but I didn’t read the fine print. It was a blank book for me to actually write down my planned meals. So it wouldn’t feel like a complete waste of a gift, I decided to go ahead and order myself The Skinnytaste Cookbook and I haven’t stopped talking about it since.

I have so many cookbooks that are impractical – recipes are overly complex, ingredients are difficult to find, or it would take a half day of cooking to accomplish anything. Even worse, the recipes aren’t even tested! Haven’t you ever followed a recipe to the letter only to wonder where it all went so wrong?

What I love the most about Skinnytaste is that these recipes work. Everything turns out exactly like it’s supposed to. It actually looks like the picture! And the recipes use a lot of the same ingredients so it’s easy to whip something up even if I haven’t planned ahead.

Oh, but the best part! The tagline of the book is “light on calories, big on flavor” and that’s exactly what the recipes deliver. If this is what low calorie tastes like, I don’t want more calories.

I’ve raved so much about this cookbook that my dad bought it, my neighbor bought it, and now you’re going to buy it. Right after I show you the proof.

I’ve taken pictures over the past few months showing you some of my favorite recipes. Although you can find some of the recipes online, most of them are exclusive to this cookbook and I’d rather put my money in author Gina Homolka’s pocket than someone else who simply posted their “interpretation” of the recipe.



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