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Cell phones have become a most essential part of our life. Unfortunately, nowadays people spend most of their time on cell phones. It is the biggest source of entertainment and communication.

No matter what time is it or what is your location, you can contact any time with your friends, family, or colleagues in any part of the world. Whether it is mobile communication or entertainment it has become a crucial part of our daily affairs.

It becomes quite frustrating when you are sending a text message but it shows delivery failure. The reason for this can be the internet or some mobile features with which you are not familiar.

In this article, you will go through ‘what does sent as text message means’, ‘what does iMessage send as text message means’, what are the reasons behind it, and some more information related to them. To clear all your misunderstandings read below!

What is a Text Message

A text message is a short alphabetical or numeric communication between two cell phone users. It has several applications like consumer-to-consumer communications, informative service alerts, notification e-commerce, healthcare, security, and mobile marketing.

For iPhone users, if you turn off iMessage then you can use the send a text message option. These messages are not encrypted. And the text message appears as green bubble text.

What is iMessage

iMessages are texts, videos, or photos whose exchange takes place between iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, or iPad users. For smooth communication, they should have an excellent network connection. iMessages on-screen appear as blue bubbles.

What Does “Sent as Text Message” Mean?

When you do not see the message delivered check on the screen it means that the recipient does not have an internet connection. In such a scenario, many iPhone users turn off their iMessage settings and sent a text message.

Sent as a text message means you are sending a text, video, or picture to the recipient and they will receive it whenever the Internet connection comes back. It appears as green-shaded text.

Why Would I Want to Sent as a Text Message?

To send a recipient an iMessage internet connection is necessary. However, if you know that the person you want to send a text to does not have a good internet connection, then you can be sent your message as a text.

It is an unencrypted form of text message and does not require the internet for its delivery making it an easier option for sending the text message.



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