Trekking Rules and Regulations of Pakistan Apkmusk

Functions and Duties of Liaison Officer / Mountain Guide

  1. A party shall include in the expedition, as its member, at least one liaison officer/mountain guide to be detailed by the Government of Pakistan, travel cum trekking agency as the case may be.
  2. A party shall pay for the transport of L.O. / M.G. from Rawalpindi/Islamabad to mountains and back to Rawalpindi/Islamabad from the date he reports to a leader till the date a party is debriefed or returned to Rawalpindi/Islamabad.
  3. A party shall normally accommodate a L.O. /M.G. in Rawalpindi/Islamabad in the premises where it stays. In this case he shall use the same accommodation as other members of the party. He shall also share food with the party.
  4. In case a party is not in a position to accommodate a L.O. /M.G. in the premises, a L.O. / M.G. shall stay in a transit camp/hotel or any other suitable place and charge a party $10/- per day for accommodate and $10/- per day for food.
  5. While in Gilgit, Skardu and Chitral, a L.O. /M.G. shall stay with a party in the premises in which it is staying. In this case he shall share food, accommodation and transport with the party.
  6. While in the mountains it may be difficult for a L.O./M.G. to live on the party‟s food. If he so chooses he may have independent arrangements for food. In that case a party shall purchase for the L.O. /M.G. such items of food and rations as he may indicate.
  7. Total amount of money to be expended on these items shall not exceed $ 10/- per day. In this case a L.O. /M.G. shall also be provided with the services of a porter-cum-cook so that he may not face any difficulty in preparing his food. Daly wages to the said porter-cum-cook shall be paid by the party.
  8. In no case a party shall advance money for the purchase of rations etc. to a L.O. / M.G. Instead, it shall depute a member to go to the market with a L.O. /M.G. and purchase for him the identified items by making with a L.O. /M.G. and purchase for him the identified items by making payment to the shopkeepers.
  9. For the purpose of para-12 above, a L.O./M.G. shall indicate in advance, the approximate number of days for which he would be having independent arrangements in the mountains so that a party may arrange for items of rations.
  10. The question of provision of food/accommodation for M.G. would be settled by the party with the sponsoring agency on mutually agreed terms.
  11. A L.O. / M.G. shall carry his personal equipment like any other member of the party.
  12. A L.O. / M.G. shall be consulted on matters such as adopting of non-traditional routes by the party, objectives, pitching of tents near the villages and on local customs in his capacity as representative of the Government of Pakistan. Leader of the party shall, however, not be bound to accept the advice of L.O./M.G.
  13. In case, however, a L.O./M.G. feels strongly that non-acceptance of his advice would jeopardize the security of the country or would create law and order problems, he shall ask the leader to give him a note, in writing indicating therein, reasons for dis-agreement with his advice. He shall keep this note with him and take action in accordance with paragraphs 20 and 21 below.
  14. If a L.O./M.G. thinks that danger to the security of the country would increase if activities of the party are not checked, he shall inform the nearest police station, by the quickest possible means and obtain police assistance in stopping the party from carrying out its mission.
  15. On return to the district headquarters from the mountains, a L.O. /M.G. shall lodge a complaint with the Deputy Commissioner, specifying therein, exact violation of the terms and conditions or any other rule etc. He shall also send its copy to the Ministry of Tourism.
  16. A L.O./M.G. shall extend maximum assistance to a party in making its mission a success. He shall not handle any cash nor undertake any financial transactions on behalf of a leader/party.
  17. A L.O. /M.G. shall act as an interpreter from the starting place of the trekking party till its return to district headquarters. He shall also help solve problems of a party on its trek to his best judgment and discretion and assist the team.
  18. A L.O./M.G. shall maintain discipline among the porters and shall avoid the situation of ill-will or dispute among them.
  19. A L.O / M.G. shall in the event of dispute or un-desirable incident arising between any member of the party, porters and locals shall try to settle the dispute by his own efforts.
  20. If, however, he feels that the situation is beyond his control he shall seek help from the nearest Police Station etc.
  21. A L.O. M.G. shall also inform by the quickest means the nearest Police Station any incident of the death or disability of any member of the party or a porter etc. He shall also inform the nearest Police Station about the commission of any serious crime, along-with a report to be sent to the Deputy Commissioner and Tourism Division.

Kit and Equipment

  1. A party shall provide to a L.O./M.G. free of cost necessary equipment as detailed at Annexure “B” in order to enable him to perform his duties without any risk to his person.
  2. Kit/equipment for L.O./M.G. shall be brought according to his measurements which shall be sent with the permission letter.
  3. The question of supply of kit/equipment to M.G. would be settled between party and the sponsoring agency.
  4. A party shall also provide to porters standard kit/equipment, free of cost, as detailed at Annexure “C”.

(ii) General:

  1. Kit/equipment for porters shall be handed over to them in the presence of L.O./M.G. prior to the start of ascent.
  2. No party shall be allowed to proceed to its destination if the kit/equipment provided by it to L.O./M.G. porters is found incomplete or sub-standard in quality. Before leaving Rawalpindi/Islamabad, a L.O./M.G. shall satisfy himself that the kit/equipment is complete and of required standard.
  3. A party shall be at liberty to ask for the return of the kit/equipment given free of cost to L.O./M.G. and porters after completing its mission.

Import / Export of Equipment

  1. Equipment, non-consumable and consumable stores imported by a party into Pakistan shall be subject to the following conditions :-
  • Equipment and non-consumable Stores :-

Shall be allowed temporary entry free of customs duty and sales tax subject to an undertaking (Annexure “D”) being furnished by a leader of the party to the effect that the equipment etc. will be re-exported out of Pakistan on completion of the mission and that no part of it shall be sold or otherwise disposed of in Pakistan, failing which customs duty and sales tax leviable thereon shall be paid.

  • Consumable Stores and medicines :-

Will be allowed exemption from customs duty and sales tax subject to the said undertaking (Annexure “D”) being furnished by the leader of the trekking party to the effect that they shall be used for the purpose for which they have been imported and shall not be sold or otherwise disposed of in Pakistan failing which customs duty and sales tax leviable thereon shall be paid. The un-consumable portion will be re-exported out of Pakistan on completion of the mission.



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