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As we see technology advance rapidly day by day, there is also a growing interest among people to stay updated with the latest technology trends. Top technology blogs fill that gap and provide readers with high-quality analysis and insights. Consumers are more inclined towards topics related to user products and features whereas tech geeks and business people are more interested in backend development and testing. In this article, I’ve listed some of the best tech blogs you can find on the internet, considering both consumer and business reading demands (in no specific order). Also, watch out for the wild card entries. 

1. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is also considered as one of the biggest tech blogs. It focuses on startups, internet products, and breaking tech news. It was founded in June 2005 and now it attracts 12 million unique visitors every month with more than 37 million page views for the same period. If you’re interested in knowing about the latest gadgets, apps, gaming, and startups, you need to check TechCrunch out. 

2. Read Dive

Why not start with a wild card entry? Now I know what you’re thinking, you probably haven’t heard about this blog. That is why I put it on top of the list. Read Dive is an emerging tech blog that focuses on topics related to software development, testing, and fintech. It provides high-quality content that never fails to grasp my attention. With its rapidly growing readership, I think I might have to put it on the number one spot for other reasons in a couple of years.

3. Tech World Times

Tech World Times targets a specific audience that is more inclined towards advanced topics like AI, blockchain, development, testing, and fintech. It provides in-depth industrial and product analysis and talks about popular market trends as well as insights that can be very helpful for established businesses and startups.

4. Mashable

Now we’re onto the popular ones. Mashable is one of the most popular blogs with millions of followers on social media. It covers topics related to technology, digital culture, and entertainment which targets its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. It was founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005, who smartly played the first-to-market move (Mashable was one of the first media platforms, NOT the first).

5. Altamira Developers

Altamira Developers is a technically oriented blog that primarily focuses on providing expert content produced by top-notch specialists related to custom software development for Startups and SMBs in such markets as Insurance, Fintech, and Retail. Along with the benefits of custom-made business software, we know the business assets of data management, having broad experience and strong knowledge in this domain.

6. The Verge

The Verge is one of my personal favorites because it also focuses on digital content, including podcasts and entertainment shows, along with news items and product reviews. The blog was launched in 2011 with a huge emphasis on the future (something that can be judged from the website aesthetics as well).

7. Outsource IT Today

These guys make an interesting blog about technology. Here you will find a mix of articles both about new trends in the metaverse or NFT and classics about crawlers and PHP programming language. Don’t pass by – check out the latest articles and research. The team also actively supports various charitable organizations.

8. CNet

CNet is the largest media network website that publishes videos, podcasts, articles, news, and reviews about consumer electronics and technology. It’s one of the most visited websites with over 200 million readers per month. It provides mainstream tech news that focuses on mobile, computer, security, tech culture, internet, Apple, Google, etc. 

9. Kualitatem

Kualitatem is a well-renowned Software Quality Assurance company in the IT sector. The expertise of their QA skills can be learned through their blogs on software testing, QA best practices, and practical techniques related to QA. Through these blogs, Kualitatem provides actionable tips on QA, Technology Consulting, Advisory, and Auditing. These blogs range from beginner to advanced topics which include, but are not limited to Performed Security, Performance, Usability, Cross-Platform Compatibility, Automation, and Functional Testing. Take full advantage of these technical blogs and improve your QA testing processes.



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