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Having seen other tips on the internet, I thought I’d share my experience too. We did the K2 base camp trek with a local tour operator and we decided this way after huge research. After looking into many Pakistani tour operators, I decided to go with Apricot Tours which was a great decision! Their prices, guides, safely and food were outstanding. However, what I would share is a few tips for those planning a trek to the mountain.

Tips for K2 Base Camp Trek

  • Try and take a trip that takes as long as possible to high altitude while in Skardu, will allow you to acclimatize better and allow your body to deal with the altitude.
  • Make sure you have good travel insurance that includes 5000m at altitude and that it will cover helicopter rescue..one of the a lady with another company descended that way.
  • Do as much walking/getting fit before you go! I underestimated the task ahead and suffered as a consequence. The chap I shared a tent with had been doing regular training weekends and it showed.
  • Take additional provisions like protein bars and energy tablets. These will taste like manna from heaven when your thighs feel like someone has bashed them with a sledgehammer after a hard day!
  • Ensure you have the best kit.
  • Ensure you take extra cash – dollars or sterling. Tipping the porters is supposed to be discretionary but in reality obligatory.
  • I would highly recommend getting Altitude sickness pills as a precaution!
  • If you can bring some extra clothing or footwear to give to the porters who carry your gear it would be awesome! These guys make very little money and some of them have next to nothing on their feet and very basic clothing. If you have any specific questions about this hike, the route etc. please feel free to contact me.
  • Do your research carefully on the companies offering the trip. I did it with Apricot Tours, and I would definitely recommend them.
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