The Zeekr 009 Is An EV Minivan With Over 500 Horsepower and More Than a 800-KM Range Apkmusk

The Geely brand Zeekr is following up the release of its previous EV with a minivan called the Zeekr 009. The boxy new EV will ride on the same platform as the sleek 001, but the 009 is either a minivan or an MPV depending on your preference and location. But the 009’s performance and luxury are impressive regardless of what you call it. If you’ve ever wanted a minivan that can go 0-96 km/h in 4.5 seconds, then the Zeekr 009 is it.

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Don’t let the Zeekr 009 fool you with its boxy looks and rear sliding doors. It’s a minivan (or MPV) that has more in common with the Ford SuperVan than the late Dodge Grand Caravan. The 009 will sport two electric motors making a total of 528 horsepower and 229 kg-ft of torque. The 009 will come with all-wheel drive courtesy of its dual motors that draw power from either a 116 or 140 kWh battery.

The Zeekr 009 Is An EV Minivan With Over 500 Horsepower and More Than a 800-KM Range
Image: Zeekr

The bigger battery will give the Zeekr 009 a range of up to 822 km according to Car and Driver. The 009’s range conforms to China’s test cycle, which is reportedly more generous than that of the EPA; the range would probably be less impressive under the U.S. test cycle. Zeekr claims the smaller 116 kWh battery still yields a range of up to 701 km thanks to its all-new construction: the 009 will be the first production EV to get CATL’s new “Qilin” lithium-nickel-mangangese-cobalt battery pack.

But Zeekr didn’t focus only on the 009’s drivetrain; the EV minivan aims for comfort on top of speed and range. The 009 will come with an air suspension that features automatic self-levelling and reduces vibrations through an electromagnetic system, as Autocar reports. The air suspension is optional, though, and owners can skip it and opt for the standard setup with double wishbones up front and a multi-link rear. Either way, the 009 is optimised for comfort and smooth driving with an alleged drag co-efficient of 0.27 contributing to the boxy EV cutting through the air and gliding over the road.

The Zeekr 009 Is An EV Minivan With Over 500 Horsepower and More Than a 800-KM Range
Image: Zeekr

The Zeekr 009’s cabin makes the comfort obvious. The seats come from aviation cabin specialist, Sofaro, and are upholstered with nappa leather. Each seat in the second row has an adjustable table seat, and the third row looks a little less cramped than the usual flat bench found in MPVs. The 009 seats up to six people in a 2+2+2 layout, but an executive 2+2 model is in the works. That one seems like a waste of space, but I guess it’ll be the pinnacle of comfort and luxury for people who will likely be chauffeured around in the Zeekr 009.

The Zeekr 009’s HP, torque and range all come in at 500+ in their respective figures, which is a feat in and of itself, but this is just Geely’s latest bid to outdo rival EV makers in China, like Tesla and Nio. A fast, opulent minivan doesn’t look like the best way to compete with those brands, but I’m glad companies are getting weird with production EVs. Zeekr’s boxy minivan is due for a release on the Chinese market early next year, but despite Geely having a presence in the U.S. through Volvo and Polestar, it’s unlikely the Zeekr 009 will ever come to the U.S., sadly.



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