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Whether you’re a backpacker looking to travel cheaply or an organizer of a large group vacation, most travelers are always on the lookout for bargains. That’s where The Points Guy comes in with knowledge on credit cards, travel rewards and much more!

If you’ve never heard of The Points Guy, you’ll wish you had sooner. I’ll give you the full low-down on The Points Guy, plus my honest opinion about how useful this website can really be.

Ready to dive into the world of points for travel? Let’s get you some money-saving tips.

What is The Points Guy?

The Points Guy is a website that provides top tips and tricks to help travelers make the most of credit card rewards and airline miles to get free or discounted airline tickets and hotel stays. The website is packed with information to help people like you learn how to hack the system of credit cards, cashing in points to get more bang for your buck.

There are two websites for the company: The Points Guy and The Points Guy UK. Both websites are based on the same premise. The only real difference is that the specific credit card information provided on the UK site will be more relevant to people living in the UK. Meanwhile, the original site contains info for people in the United States.

As well as detailed credit card info and tips for getting more from your points, both websites provide hot-off-the-press travel news updates.

Looking for hotel, flight, and travel gear reviews? They’ve got it. Want to know about general travel tips, like where to go and what to see? There’s articles about lots of different travel locations! They even provide updated COVID-19 information to help travelers plan their next trip.

Both the US and UK sites really are packed with all the information you need to take your budget traveling to the next level!

Who is The Points Guy?

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of what The Points Guy is, you’re probably wondering about who it is. Well, that depends.

The OG Points Guy is Brian Kelly. He’s the founder and CEO of the website. As you might expect, he’s a bit of an expert in loyalty schemes, credit cards, travel, and the intersection between all three.

Kelly started The Points Guy as a blog back in 2010, but he has since expanded operations and is now in charge of the site in its current, and much larger, form.

The Points Guy UK is run by a British travel enthusiast, Nicky Kelvin. Kelvin is a little newer to the role, as the UK site only launched in April 2019, but that doesn’t mean that the site isn’t full of useful tips!

How does The Points Guy make money?

The Points Guy websites are both free to use, with no subscription necessary. As well as the running costs of a website, The Points Guy is also thought to have around 100 staff members.

So how does The Points Guy company make enough money? Especially if everything continues to be free! The short answer is affiliate links.



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