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As a child of the 80s I didn’t need TikTok, Instagram or 24/7 news sources to keep connected to the world. We had a sophisticated tapestry of 80s TV shows to set the foundation for our worldviews. Of course, there were parents and school in the mix but they couldn’t compete with the philosophical teachings of Knightrider or the moral guidance of Miami Vice. And while I might have been outside of the demographic target at the time, there was another show which left an indelible mark on my younger self and one that I still carry with me today.

I’m talking about Dynasty, the epitome of 80s excess. This legendary show was a rollercoaster ride of power struggles, shoulder pads and voluminous hairstyles featuring the Carringtons, a family more dramatic than a Shakespearean tragedy who battled it out with insults sharper than their tailored suits. Joan Collins, the queen of sass, reigned supreme as the iconic Alexis Carrington, slapping her way through the storyline like a tornado in stilettos. It was a whirlwind of machiavellian melodrama, designer gowns, and the constant battle for power.|

Nestled in the heart of downtown, waterfront Auckland, these luxurious suites offer a modern interpretation of the opulence and refinement associated with penthouse living. Just as the Carringtons’ penthouses provided a haven for their dramatic lives, The Landing Suites at Hotel Britomart offer guests an unforgettable retreat from the ordinary. Designed by Auckland’s esteemed Cheshire Architects, these suites perfectly capture the essence of contemporary luxury and Pacific charm. Actually, nothing to do with Dynasty at all but I’ve created this segue for myself so I’ll deal with it.

And it is at this point that my link with Dynasty starts to fall apart. For while Dynasty was all about the blatant excessive excess. The Landing Suites find this magical balance between sophisticated, sustainable, comfortable and all out luxury. Sharing a link to the hotel’s sister property in The Bay of Islands, The Landing – The sort of place Obama stays when he is in New Zealand – the Landing Suites at The Hotel Britomart reference the natural beauty of the stunning coastline that surrounds The Landing.

The Landing Suite options within The Hotel Britomart Building offer a range of awesome vistas and luxurious amenities. The Wairoa Suite, spanning 59 sqm, boasts stunning views of the Waitemata Harbour and features a spacious lounge and a sunny terrace with an outdoor fireplace. The Te Puna Suite, situated at the top of the hotel, provides panoramic views of the harbour and Auckland’s North Shore in its 46 sqm space. For city skyline enthusiasts, the Rangihoua Suite offers a 65 sqm retreat with a beautifully planted terrace, wraparound views, and an outdoor fireplace.

Meanwhile, within the Buckland Building, the Hohi Suite awaits with its loft-like ceilings, lavish linen drapes, and captivating eastward views toward Takutai Square. And then there is the impressive, Poraenui Suite, a sleek glassy pavilion tucked on the rooftop, that offers a private 28 sqm terrace with panoramic views of the city and Takutai Square, all within its 74 sqm space.

The Landing Suites are designed to feel personal and welcoming and somehow they achieve this masterfully. You almost feel like you are housesitting a friend’s pad – a very wealthy friend with impeccable taste. The rooms feature sumptuous nature-inspired colour schemes and textures, (not a hint of 80s pastels) which provide a wonderful context for a range of art including hand-made vases by local ceramic artists. The Landing Suites also feature captivating artworks by Russ Flatt and Kieran Scott, created through a special commission. The artists traveled to The Landing, where they individually captured the remarkable landscapes, resulting in a collection that reflects their unique perspectives.



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