The 36 Best Lifestyle Blogs to Model for Success in 2023 Apkmusk

The blogosphere harbors a boatload of sites in this niche, but only a fragment of lifestyle bloggers are crushing it.

Of course, successful lifestyle bloggers share common tactics that keep their target audience entertained and engaged!

Your blog’s success depends on following their lead, so we’ve assembled a mega-dose of inspirational best-of-the-best lifestyle blogs that’ll springboard your dreams and ideas into your own winning blog formula.

But first, let’s define what we mean by a lifestyle blog.

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

Lifestyle blogs are magazine-like websites that share and promote daily life experiences and perspectives from an individual or group of like-minded people.

Subject matter of the lifestyle blog niche covers a diverse range of human interests and passions including (but not limited to):

Of course, anyone can start a lifestyle blog. But why should you?

Should You Start a Lifestyle Blog?

If you want your thoughts and ideas to be heard, an exclusive blog platform provides a terrific forum for you to explore your passions while sharing your unique personality with others.

But wait. (That’s not all!)

There’s a second element to lifestyle blogging that sweetens the deal!

Lifestyle blogs provide opportunities to draw some passive income while writing about activities and things you already love.

How Do Lifestyle Blogs Make Money?

There are several creative ways to monetize a blog.

Most commonly, lifestyle blogs make money by advertising brands that align and resonate with the lifestyle they promote.

Lifestyle influencers (bloggers with large, engaged audiences) collaborate with brands through sponsor networks (like Activate or Social Fabric) and receive compensation for writing and publishing sponsored posts that review and recommend products to their readers.

Affiliate marketing arrangements with individual eCommerce programs and networks (like ShareASale or Rakuten) enable bloggers to receive sales commissions when readers purchase products through affiliate links embedded in their posts.

We’ll note some additional strategies that a lifestyle blogger may employ to monetize their site in our featured list.

Lifestyle Blogs to Follow in 2023

To inspire and expand upon your ideas for your own site, let’s dive into our list of top lifestyle blog examples for some insights into what makes them successful.



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