Technically, You Can Make Car Tyres Out Of Cheese, But It Won’t Be Easy Apkmusk

Generally speaking, the YouTube algorithm sucks. You’d think it would be better because it’s owned by Google (sorry, Alphabet). But no. For some reason, it loves to recommend videos that you’ve already watched and that YouTube definitely knows you’ve already watched. Or it will decide you never finished a video that you absolutely finished and keep recommending it to you. But sometimes, it hits it out of the park with something appropriately weird and right up your alley.Share

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In this case, it’s a three-year-old video from Good Mythical Morning, a channel with more than 18 million subscribers that you’ve probably either never heard of or have watched for years. Personally, I had never heard of it before a friend shared that one of the hosts, Rhett McLaughlin, was going to release an Americana album under the name James and the Shame. Turns out, it’s actually very good and not just good for a YouTuber. Especially if you grew up in evangelical culture and later had to deconstruct your faith.

But while that’s a heavy, serious topic, the video that popped up in my recommended feed today is essentially the opposite of that. It wants to know if you can drive a car on wheels made of cheese. If you think about it, cheese comes in wheels, and cars have wheels, so it’s not the dumbest question ever asked. But only two North Carolina boys with a multi-million-dollar YouTube empire would waste the time and money required to figure it out. And we’re grateful that they did.

As it turns out, technically, it is possible. Sort of. If you’re willing to stretch your definition of “cheese wheel” and don’t expect it to last long. But the process of watching them make it work is definitely entertaining enough to spend 17 minutes watching (or 8.5 minutes if you speed it up to 2x). Now don’t mind me, I have to go downstairs and find some cheese to snack on.



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