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Some signs are fixed, some are not. Let’s see what it means to be flexible, or not flexible. Fixed zodiac signs—good golly, what are they about?

If the first thing you do every morning is to check your horoscope, then it’s time you dug deeper into the nuances of zodiac signs to decode the meaning of your predictions better. Besides the influence of the natural elements, the 12 sun signs are also impacted by a modality or triplicity. Categorised as cardinal, mutable and fixed signs, these zodiac qualities based on the solar seasons dictate how each sign operates in the world.

Every modality has its idiosyncrasies, which make them stand out and help experts gauge their life paths. While cardinal signs have the tendency to take charge and mutable signs remain flexible, fixed signs take the middle path and make things happen. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are the four fixed signs.

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Fixed signs of the zodiac: Cosmic placement and its impact

All streams of astrological studies, including Western and Vedic, stress the impact of planetary and star positions on an individual’s life. An accurate birth chart is drawn to create a person’s unique astrological DNA. But broadly speaking, the 12 zodiacs are juxtaposed with celestial bodies like the sun, moon and other planets, which affect their life trajectories.

In the celestial chart, the fixed signs of the zodiac are placed uniquely. They either form a square or sit across each other diagonally in the cosmos. These angular placements are called aspects in the world of astrology.

Astrology is deeply rooted in our planet’s environment. One more testament to this phenomenon is the fact that each modality represents the cycle of seasons in the year. Since cardinal signs symbolise the start of any season, they are the initiators and risk-takers of the zodiac. Meanwhile, fixed signs represent the centre of the season. They are the grounding forces of the zodiac, which stabilise the system. Sitting on the cusp of change in the seasons, mutable signs are all about the transition.

While the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius have their distinct characteristics, being fixed signs, they share the common qualities of endurance, strength and will. They also are known to be inwardly centred and content with themselves. Their steadfast approach and leadership qualities make them tenacious and powerful to see through any challenge with patience and grit.

Having said that, these signs are not without their flaws either. One of their common pet peeves is an aversion to change of any kind as they are too rooted in their own beliefs. This quality could be perceived as being stubborn or at times, unyielding.

However, these drawbacks balance out the vibes of cardinal and mutable modalities. When paired with the zodiacs of other modalities, they blend well and bring wholesome stability.

More about the individual fixed signs


This earth sign denoted by the celestial bull is ruled by the planet of love and money Venus, and is known for being strong — both physically and mentally. They are also quite indulgent in their approach towards life and love luxurious experiences. They value their leisure but at the same time are extremely hard workers. Their no-nonsense approach gets them ahead in life. There is nothing that they cannot accomplish because they are focused on their goals.

Their fixed modality traits especially reflect in their love life as they create a stable home and revel in their comfort zone.


The ultimate loyalists of the zodiac, they represent the fire element and are ruled by the sun. Born right in the middle of the summer season, people belonging to this sign are sunshine personified. Vivacious, warm-hearted, lively and a tad bit attention-seeking, they are natural leaders. Be assured of kindness and consideration if you are in their good books, but beware if you get in their bad books.

Their charismatic personality is one of the first things that attract other zodiacs towards them. However, it is their quality to see their loved ones through thick and thin and their never-say-die attitude that lets one know they are a fixed sign.


Ruled by the planet of destruction, Pluto, the water sign of Scorpio is known for being intelligent, highly intuitive, sensual and passionate. These dedicated solution-finders can also be foreboding and brooding, and have a slightly dark predicament, making them intimidating. They are also kind and very loyal once a person gains their trust, which is a bit difficult but totally worth it.

People born under this sign are like human X-rays with the potential to see through one’s soul. They perfectly understand the intent and character of the next person. This is their specific fixed sign trait which distinguishes them from the rest.



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