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Are you curious about nomadic travelling? If you want to know how to travel the world full-time while living the digital nomad lifestyle, you’re not alone. I asked that question for years, and now it’s the main question people ask me. 

I quit my job in a UK High School in January 2018. To begin with, I was earning less than $50 per month as a freelancer. Now I have my own Virtual Assistant business and I’m really enjoying this nomadic travelling lifestyle.

By sharing what I learned I hope to encourage more people to take the leap and become travel nomads like me.

What is nomadic travelling?

Many people have been talking about nomadic travelling, but what exactly does it mean? 

According to the dictionaries, a nomad is “an individual who roams about”. Basically, it’s someone who travels around the world without a home base. In most cases, a travel nomad has no set plans, deciding to spend a few weeks or months in different places as they feel like. 

There are many types of nomadic travellers and plenty of different ways to support this lifestyle, as I’ll show you below. But most of them have some things in common, such as the eagerness to see the world and immerse themselves in different cultures.

In this article, we’ll focus on digital nomadism, which means supporting yourself by working online as you travel the world. But it’s also possible to find local jobs while you travel.

The truth about nomadic travelling

Taking the step from travelling for pleasure to becoming a professional nomad isn’t easy. In recent years an entire industry has popped up around it. 

There are thousands of nomadic travelling courses all promising to give you the financial freedom to wander the globe. Honestly, most of them are junk. I know because I paid for lots of them.

They sell the dream, and who doesn’t want the dream? Sitting on a beach with your laptop, the cash rolling in as you enjoy another cocktail. 

But where do they plug these laptops in to recharge them? How do they stop them from overheating in that baking sun? Have you ever tried to get sand out of a keyboard?

These are just some of the questions you should be asking when someone pitches you that dream.

In honesty, being a digital nomad is a full-time job. True, your ‘office’ may be prettier than most and you decide your own working hours, but you still need to grind away. Your success or failure is completely on your own shoulders.

Before you make any decisions, you should be completely truthful with yourself:



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