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A part of new-age spirituality, manifestation is not a recent concept. While it originated from the New Thought Movement in the 19th Century, it has made quite a comeback as a trending topic on social media platforms. No wonder money manifestation, a way of fulfilling one’s financial desires by adopting a positive mindset, has also made its mark on GenZ or millennials.

Fuelled by literary titles like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (1937) and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (2006), money manifestation techniques have found many followers. With financial success being an important facet of anyone’s life, it comes as no surprise that many people take to spiritual methods to attract financial abundance.


What is money manifestation and does it work?

Money manifestation is the art of aligning our energies with our desired material outcomes. It is a means by which an individual conveys their dreams to the universe with the belief that they are being heard.

This method of attracting money doesn’t need any fancy gear; all you need to do is lay out your goals in detail, express gratitude for everything you already have, and have faith in cosmic power.

But, does it actually work? Well, that depends on how strongly one embarks on a journey to meeting their financial goals. However, one must remember that it is not some magic spell or shortcut to victory. To manifest any goals, you need to work at them with much fervour while keeping faith in your own success.

Some money manifestation techniques that you can try to attract wealth

Invoke the power of affirmations

Affirmations are positive phrases that encourage the subconscious mind to work towards a specific outcome. Repeating these phrases helps manifest one’s goals into reality by improving their confidence in their abilities.


However, the purpose of affirmations goes beyond simply gathering faith in yourself. These encouraging words also help remove obstacles in your way by freeing you of negative, self-sabotaging thoughts. This can help you believe you will soon experience abundant prosperity as a blessing and act accordingly.

You can incorporate this technique into your daily routine by journaling, visualising, or repeating your mantras. While you can create your own affirmation spells depending on your personal goals, here are some simple money affirmations which can you practise every day:

  • I have excellent financial stability and am able to make a lot of money with the efforts I put into my line of work.
  • I have faith that the universe will provide me with all the wealth I require, if not more.
  • I am making room for prosperity to enter my life.

Visualise your dream life

Envisioning your goal is always the first step to achieving it. Hence, visualisation plays a key role in manifesting money. Imagining yourself living the life you want and experiencing the luxury you aspire for takes you closer to abundance. This gives your subconscious mind the impression that you are moving closer to your financial goals and helps you stay on track even during tumultuous times.

Additionally, visualisation creates an optimistic aura around you that helps you avoid negative thoughts.

Exercise gratitude

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Gratitude is an important aspect of life that helps you create a positive environment for your thoughts. It replaces feelings of scarcity with wisdom to attract opulence in life. It can help you stay focussed on amassing wealth but not give in to greed or unethical practices.

So, make it a habit to express your gratitude for everything, including your material blessings, in writing or vocally. This way, your positive past experiences will nudge you to have faith that things will go your way even if things are taking their time.

Try using the 369 manifestation technique

According to the 369 approach of manifestation, you should write down your goals eighteen times a day — three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night. Penning down your objectives on a regular basis will help them become a reality by staying focused on your dreams.

Promoting consistency and routine, this technique emphasises on the need for regularity in your efforts.

Set specific goals

When supported by an intention, it is believed that your manifestation becomes even more effective. Therefore, don’t forget to support your manifestation with a purpose.

For example, instead of only affirming a specific amount of money, assign a motive for it. Thus, you should manifest not just wealth but funds for a luxurious trip to your favourite holiday destination, your opulent dream house, or even your dream luxury car.

Consider combining crystals with your intention

Just like feng shui money plants, certain crystals are believed to contain strong energies that can be used to change the aura around us and create positive vibrations. There are a variety of crystals that can potentially assist you in manifesting specific things in various spheres of your life.

Generally, for achieving money and success, pyrite, citrine and green aventurine are considered lucky.

However, you must remember that the feeling you already have cannot be transformed by crystals; they can merely intensify it. For instance, a crystal cannot alter how you manifest money; it can only amplify or charge the energies around you when you are manifesting.

Acclimatise yourself to the idea of spending

Do you feel guilty when you spend money? While this could be a boon for your budget, this mindset can also keep you from attracting more wealth. This feeling gives your subconscious mind an impression of scarcity and creates a negative thought process.

Try to replace this reaction by celebrating the happiness that comes from spending on things which you desire. This would encourage you to set bigger goals and work harder to achieve them.

Do note, that this does not mean that you spend recklessly, but that you reassure yourself that you are the master of your own fate. Also, don’t forget to express gratitude and embrace your investments and purchases wholeheartedly.



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