Made this recipe tonight and it was DELICIOUS! Even my meat-loving husband said he would gladly have it again. Thanks for a great recipe. Apkmusk

Grilled mushrooms CAN be the star of your grill this summer, and not just for vegetarians or vegans, in case you were wondering.

This meatless meal is a real beauty. Portobellos get a nice soak in quick, vibrant, and very punchy chimichurri before heading to the grill, where they become both tender and flavorful and kind of meaty in a mushroom way. Those grill marks, I’m telling you.

And because we like to keep things extra, these chimichurri portobellos should 100% absolutely be served on top of a mountain creamy goat cheese mashed potatoes. The tangy-creamy of the goat cheese with the earthy-umami of the mushrooms… it WORKS. It really works.

Your chimichurri takes five seconds to whip together.

Your mushrooms look and smell like a restaurant on the grill.

And the combo of everything together…

Grilled portobello mushroom on goat cheese mashed potatoes.

Am I getting emotional about grilled portobellos and chimichurri and goat cheese potatoes right now? Maybe.

Happy to report that my family loved these – including fickle toddler and an often-vegetarian-suspicious husband. And while I do love these on the grill (summer, don’t go!), they also work just as well on the stovetop if you happened to have a grill fire four weeks ago that has yet to be cleaned up due to laziness. Or no? That’s just me?



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