LEGO Welcomed 2023 With a Mountain of New Set Reveals That Immediately Landed on Our Wish Lists Apkmusk

We’ve got some bad news if your New Year’s resolution was to be more fiscally responsible. Not only did January 1 mark the availability of a handful of new sets announced last year, LEGO also rang in 2023 by introducing a mountain of new sets, barely giving us enough time to pay off all our Christmas bills.

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The new additions include everything from detailed Technic models, to a re-release of a long-gone retro line, to even a collection of new BrickHeadz celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary. And if you’re fans of LEGO’s Speed Champions line, you’re getting five new supercars to park in your Lego garage.

LEGO Art Hokusai’s The Great Wave

Although not as famous as the Mona Lisa, Hokusai’s woodblock print The Great Wave is definitely the most famous piece of art to ever come out of Japan, and is considered to be one of the most reproduced pieces of art in history. That now includes Lego, which has turned The Great Wave into an 1,810-piece addition to its buildable art collection; it comes complete with a plastic brick matte board and frame.

LEGO The Batman Batcycle

LEGO is still adding to its The Batman collection 10 months after the film hit theatres with a 641-piece Technic recreation of the Dark Knight’s very un-Burtonesque Batcycle. The model includes features like a working suspension, handlebar steering, a moving engine connected to the back wheel with a chain drive, and a flip-down kickstand for display.

The LEGO The Batman Batcycle available on February 1 starting on March 1 for $AU89.99.

LEGO 2022 Ford GT

LEGO Welcomed 2023 With a Mountain of New Set Reveals That Immediately Landed on Our Wish Lists

LEGO Technic models might not be as pretty as standard LEGO models when built, but they make up for it with lots of functionality, which is what makes this 1,466-piece, 1:12-scale model of the 2022 Ford GT so tempting. It’s got working steering, independent suspension on all four wheels, front axle steering, a differential in the back, opening doors, an adjustable spoiler, and an accessible hood revealing a V6 engine inside with moving pistons.



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