How To Rack Up Pool And Snooker Apkmusk

What is a pool rack?

A rack, also known as a triangle, is a piece of equipment you use to place pool or snooker balls into their starting position. Traditionally, racks have a triangular shape but there are also diamond-shaped racks.

How to rack English 8-ball pool

English or British pool is played on a UK Pool Table. 

Note: English 8-ball pool uses 15 red and yellow balls.

  1. Start with the two rear corners of the triangle. They need to be different colours, and then two stripes of two balls each should be placed next to those.
  2. On the right, a stripe of three of the same colour should be placed to meet the two balls of the same colour (to create a J-shape). 
  3. Then two yellows are placed inside the J, next to the black ball. 
  4. Finally, the front ball should be the same colour as the ball in the left-hand corner. The ball behind and to its right should be the same colour, leaving space for the remaining opposing colour on its left.
  5. The black 8-ball should sit on the foot spot – remove the ball and move the triangle around until the spot shows in the centre of the gap, and then pop the black in. Gently remove the triangle.

You should end up with your balls set up like this.

How To Rack Snooker

A snooker table is the most complicated to set up.

  1. The 15 reds should be placed into the triangle and positioned just behind the foot spot.
  2. In front of the triangle is placed the pink ball, and behind it, the black.
  3. On the baulk line at the other end of the table, you would place the brown in the middle.
  4. From the baulk line runs a semicircle. As you are looking down at the table with the black ball closest to you, the yellow is placed on the left-hand corner of the semicircle, and the green is on the right.

Tips for Racking



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