Great recipe. I made 4 of them to give away and got rave reviews from everyone! Wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you! Apkmusk

When we were in Seattle a few weekends ago, Bjork and I went out to a pizza place and ordered a Caeser salad to share. Only as an appetizer before each eating our own full-size wood fired pizza, so don’t go thinking we’re a shared-salad-as-an-entree kinda couple, alright? Sheesh. Mid-bite into the crunchy romaine and creamy dressing and Parmesan and buttery crouton wonderfulness, my food spirit lifted up and away, straight to salad heaven.

Caesar salad is SO good. I guess I had, um, forgotten. There are so many superdelicious foods in this world, you know? Like, how can a girl ever keep up?

Caesar dressing in a jar.

So when we came back home, I was inspired to make a Caesar something. Enter this chicken caesar lasagna. I had all the ingredients I needed to make a lasagna, like no-boil noodles, cheese, chicken in the freezer, and the yummy Marzetti® Simply Dressed Caesar dressing, and so Creamy Chicken Caesar Lasagna began and it felt so right.

Guess what? I love veggie lasagna, so this did not come away without a few handfuls of fresh baby kale sneak-ed in there (spinach would work, too!) and sun dried tomatoes. I think the somewhere between the creamy sauce and the cheese and the chicken, the veggies became a little more tasty for the man of the house because Bjork told me today: “I thought it was going to be a veggie lasagna, but YES! CHICKEN!” Apparently he didn’t notice the layer of green and red vegs in the 2.43 seconds it took him to inhale the first piece.

This one just works for everyone. Some kale and sun dried tomatoes to please the veggie lover, some chicken to satisfy the protein-needer, some creamy Caesar and homemade sauce and melted cheese for every person in the world who loves lasagna.



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