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Regardless of how little you’ve used a standby generator in a given year, it’s in your best interest to put together and adhere to a regular generator maintenance schedule.

Well, because a preventative generator maintenance schedule is a crucial safeguard in the event of power outages and other calamities that may cut access to your main residential or business power sources. 

Whether you’re maintaining a backup generator for your home security system or to run your appliances in the case of a blackout, or you’re a business that has a standby generator onsite to maintain building code compliance for everything from standby lighting to fire protection systems, a proper generator maintenance schedule is a crucial thing to have — especially if you live in areas prone to severe inclement weather such as tropical storms and hurricanes. 

With the right routine generator maintenance schedule, you can extend the life of your generator out to around 20 to 30 years. Even if you’ve only been utilizing a generator for the bare minimum of 30 minutes a week for routine exercise, you need a regular generator maintenance schedule to ensure that you can safely lean on it in case of an emergency. This is true regardless of whether your standby generator is powered by diesel or other gaseous fuel sources. 

generator maintenance schedule
Axle and Generator in the Housing of a Wind Turbine

If you’re unsure of how to put together a generator maintenance schedule and what that entails, we’re here to help. This handy guide will walk you through all of the ins and outs of the process in full detail, from when to schedule maintenance service to what to do if you inherit a standby generator from a previous property owner.

The basics on how to set up your generator maintenance schedule

The first step to putting together a proper regular generator maintenance schedule is to consider both your environment and the common workload of the generator within said environment. As you might expect, your standby generator will require servicing more frequently the more you use it. This includes everything from fuel replenishment to checking for loose wire connections and clamps. 



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