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Nowadays, we are constantly looking for ways to stay on top of progressive technologies and methodologies, and with emerging technologies, new trends, the pandemic, changing business environments, updated regulations, and really, everything shifting gears every day…it can be challenging for developers to keep up with it all. 

Luckily, most developers love to share and foster a community of knowledge transfer for everyone to participate in. As a result, you can find thousands of tech blogs out there that provide one-stop shops for the latest and greatest in IT innovation, trends, news, technologies, and maybe a few cat pics.

For today’s blog, we’ve condensed a helpful list of the best tech blogs you can read to join or grow this developer culture of ongoing, continuous learning, which we love to see.

Why do developers need to read tech blogs?

It’s self-growth 101 to nurture and expand your knowledge by continuously learning aspects related (and some not so related) to your field of expertise. For developers, that means consuming content in different ways, which includes attending webinars, listening to podcasts, participating in live discussions, joining conferences, and you guessed it, reading blogs on tech. 

As a means to exchange information, developers turn to the best tech blogs to flesh out their ideas, share projects they’re working on, expand on topics of interest, and more. In addition, blogs for developers are a great platform to reach audiences at scale and with more content offerings than other content platforms.

Next, we’ve picked out some of our favorite blogs on tech for 2023 to get your learning journey on for the year. Check them out.

Most valuable blogs on tech in 2023


What started out as an online community for Java developers in 1997, DZone was officially founded in late 2005 to expand its technological reach beyond just Java. Now, DZone is now one of the most popular tech blogs to follow with over 1 million members, thousands of resources, and a constant stream of new content published daily. The DZone global community includes software experts including architects, data scientists, engineers, developers, testers, designers, and more. 

The DZone is one of the most popular tech blogs as it houses hundreds of thousands of community-written tutorials, cheat sheets, and opinion pieces geared towards helping the community improve their skills, learn new technologies, and progress their careers in software development. All technology professionals can submit content to DZone, which then passes through a series of in-house quality controls to ensure submissions meet the site’s standards. 

DZone’s content offerings span areas like AI, Big Data, the cloud, databases, DevOps, the Internet of Things, Java, Security, web development, Agile, open source projects, and more. 


Did the name give it away? Made by developers for developers, the Developer.com site is definitely one of the go-to web developers’ blogs and mobile developer blogs for the engineering community. Offering exclusive, trending content across different areas like programming languages, project management, Java, Microsoft .NET, mobile development, open source, cloud, and more, there’s a wealth of information for developers to tap into. 



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