Crispy Black Bean Tacos with Cilantro Lime Sauce Apkmusk

I will keep it quick so you can get to frying these up but mostly, FYI, bottom line, these are so-super-yummy. Also, pro-tip, you can call them crispy black bean tacos if you want – it’s technically what they are – but it’s a little more fun to call them black bean crispies which is what we’ve lovingly come to refer to them in our house.

What’s In These Black Bean Tacos

Aside from the obvious reasons (golden crispy tortilla, super-satisfying black bean filling, brought together with a cool and creamy dipping sauce, gahh), this is one of my all-time favorite easy recipes because, well, it’s EASY. Like, stupid easy. Doesn’t get any easier than this:

That’s it! And if you want to be extra, a creamy cilantro lime sauce for dipping.

Remember when we said the SOS recipes were not pretentious? And how we actually really celebrate short, low-key ingredient lists? That moment is now.

Ingredients for Crispy Black Bean Tacos

Can I Put Extras In My Black Bean Tacos?

Of course, you have options if you want to go above and beyond! Would a handful of delicious Mexican cheese tucked into that little black bean crispy be real nice? Yes, it would. As would some fajita veggies. As would some roasted chicken. And yes, if you want to make a cilantro lime dipping sauce, it is very doable and I included the directions for you and it will take you all of five minutes.

But if you’re short on… everything (and believe me, I pretty much LIVE in that house), I pinky promise that you can skip the add-ins. Black bean filling is super satisfying as-is, and it’s how I always eat these! Just plain.

Pro-tip: if time is tight, in place of the cilantro lime sauce, you can just mix some additional taco seasoning in with a little bowl of sour cream, and voilà. You have “seasoned sour cream” which, at least in my house, always goes over VERY well with the family dinner crowd.

Crispy Black Bean Tacos drizzled with Cilantro Lime Sauce


A neutral-tasting oil, something like canola oil, works well here. But usually I have olive oil on hand so that’s what I often use as well!

Sure! Make the filling and just keep it in the fridge for a couple of days. When you’re ready to eat the tacos, spread that filling into the tortillas and fry them up! Easy. OR, alternatively, you can freeze these little cuties! Spread the black bean filling into the tacos, fold them, and then freeze them BEFORE frying. When you’re ready to eat them, bring to room temp (15-30 seconds in the microwave will do it) and pop ’em back in your skillet till hot, golden, and crispy!



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