Can You Make Money With A Lifestyle Blog In 2023? Unfortunately, Not Easily… But Here’s How! Apkmusk

This question always pops up when I speak with a new blogger: “Can you make money with a lifestyle blog?” The hard truth is that a niche blog is best when you’re launching a new blog.

Starting and growing a lifestyle blog is a painful, long process and a limiting one as well. It used to be easier to do this a few years ago when Pinterest was a goldmine of blog traffic. Today, not so much.

It’s fun to write on many topics and create a magazine-style site that people check out for inspiration.

But there are several issues why general lifestyle blogs are a bad idea if your goal is to make money sooner than later.

I know this from experience, as Suburban Tourist, my lifestyle blog, really was a great experiment in what NOT to do. It took me a long time to make it successful.

Before you go in too deep down the rabbit hole that’s lifestyle blogging, read this post to see if you want to subject yourself to the struggle.

You’ll also learn a strategy that may work for you if your goal is to make money with a lifestyle blog.

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You get the picture! There are many more niches that fall under the lifestyle category.

Usually, there is a key audience that’s chosen – e.g. Millenials or Gen-X, or “modern women”, “moms”.

This kind of blog is really more of an online magazine than a true blog.

Unfortunately, going this broad has some limitations when it comes to SEO, personal branding, growing one’s audience and monetizing your blog.

Niche Blogs Are Better For SEO

One of the reasons why you can’t make money with a lifestyle blog is blog traffic.

The primary way general lifestyle blogs make money is from ads and affiliate links. But to do so, you first need people to visit your site.

While Pinterest can drive some traffic, in recent years, its become more difficult to do so with a new account.



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