Best of the Best Travel Blogs for 2023: My Top 10 Favorites Apkmusk

Do you ever spend late nights staring into the bright glow of a computer screen, searching for inspiration through the adventures of other travelers? I do. Quite frequently actually.

I’m obsessed with travel blogs that excite me and it’s keeping me up past my bedtime.

Wandering Derek Earl Baron has travel in his blood. He’s been on the move constantly since 1999, with no signs of slowing down. In fact, he wrote a blog post in 2012 asking his followers for advice on a potential ‘home base’ and, well, it’s 2023 and the guy still hasn’t decided yet.

Earl’s blog is clean and inviting, which brings its genuine content to the forefront. He offers spot-on insight into the highs and lows of his life of constant travel, a refreshing perspective that’s all too often missing from mainstream sites. While his humble approach to blogging hasn’t vaulted him into social media fame, I don’t think he ever craved the spotlight in the first place.

His honest and focused posts push all of us to hold ourselves accountable and become better travelers, and that’s why I think he’s the best blogger of 2023.

Posts I Dig from Wandering Earl:

João Leitão’s destiny is to wander the Earth, and his free-spirited blog reflects just that. He flows seamlessly throughout the world, entrenching himself in any and all cultures that he encounters. He, like Wandering Earl, has been traveling since 1999 and has visited over 100 countries. He’s got some serious mileage.

What intrigues me is that João’s favorite destinations – places like Mali, Nicaragua, and Uzbekistan – are almost always ‘the roads less traveled.’ Wherever he goes, João sheds light on rich cultures that most travelers wouldn’t think twice about passing over.

When I read Nomad Revelations, I feel that João wants the reader to see the world from an ever-evolving perspective and break down their mental travel barriers. The depth of content he’s built up over 20 years is nothing short of incredible.



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