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Did you know? For under 75 dollars, you can get wireless earphones with amazing features, good active noise cancelling, clear calls, and great sound. These are the top 5 best wireless earbuds under $75, evaluated for July 2023.


  • Many features: Most new earbuds in the 75 dollars price bracket have a fantastic combination of functions. That means features like ANC Active Noise Cancelling, a Transparency mode to pass through traffic sounds while you’re listening to music, app support, and/or a gaming mode to synchronize the sound effects with the rapid action on your screen.
  • Build quality: Compared to cheaper models, the earphones and charging cases in this price category are often sturdier and well-designed.
  • Good battery life: Unless mentioned otherwise, these earbuds last at least 5 hours on a single charge, and often more. They also support rapid charging, so you can listen another 1,5 to 2 hours after recharging them in the case for about 10 minutes.
  • Good phone call and video call quality: Unless mentioned otherwise, it’s safe to take a phone call or enter a Zoom meeting with these earbuds. Take note that wind is always a danger to your voices clarity on wireless earphones.
  • Outstanding sound quality: Sound is the main priority in Scarbir.com earbuds reviews. The earbuds in this Buying Guide sound great or even excellent.

These are the best cheap wireless earbuds under $75, evaluated for July 2023:

Strong bass and engaging sound, actual buttons, solid call quality and a huge set of features: the Soundcore Life A3i is a steal.


The Soundcore Life A3i isn’t the most famous model from this wildly popular brand, but it’s actually one of Soundcore’s best wireless earbuds. With its unique shape, it can require a bit of fiddling to get the most secure fit. When you have it, the buds are comfortable and you’ll get usable Active Noise Cancelling that reduces the volume of darker sounds nearby and in the background. Lighter sounds are also reduced in volume, although chatter and traffic still come through. Other ANC performances in this Buying Guide can be a tad better, though.

The Life A3i has around 5 hours of playtime with ANC on, and longer with the function turned off. It also comes with convenient actual buttons instead of touch panels, meaning you can change tracks, volume, and switch between ANC modes easily with cold or sweaty fingers. The IPX5 rain and sweat-proof rating further helps for sports and runs. Meanwhile, the microphones put your voice through full and clear in both phone and video calls – although the combination of wind and noise can drag your voice away.

The standout feature of the Soundcore Life A3i is its sound. On soft to moderate volume, it brings a relaxed, warm background sound with reduced higher tones. Turn the volume up to active listening levels, and the treble unlocks. The sound then becomes incredibly immersive. The bass strikes quickly, strongly, and lovely deep – yet it keeps control in the most crowded songs. Guitars and piano play sound full yet natural, and female and male vocals are thick and powerful. Music on the A3i can just pack you in.

On top of it, the brilliant free Soundcore app for Android and iPhone lets you choose from 21 other equalizers and even lets you tweak them. The best EQ options for the money.

The Soundcore Life A3i is a stellar combination of features and immersive sound at a reasonable price.



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