7 Places to Eat the Best Nihari in Lahore Apkmusk

Located at New Anarkali Road, Lahore, this place is best known for its delicious nihari and you will always find it as a top recommendation by the locals or even if you Google “best nihari in Lahore”. Their menu has covered various types of niharis. Their special nihari include beef nihari, bong nihari, and mutton nihari whereas you can also get delicious chicken nihari at this place.

waris - best nihari in lahore pakistan

2: Muhammadi Nihari House

Muhammadi Nihari House is one of the famous nihari places in Lahore. This restaurant offers a wide range of nihari menu; you can get beef nihari with nali fry, beef and chicken plain nihari, beef and chicken nihari fry, beef maghaz nihari, and special beef nihari fry. Muhammadi Nihari is located at Khyaban e Jinnah, Lahore and is a must try.

muhammad nihari - best nihari in lahore pakistan

3: Haji Sahib Nihari Waly

It is a well-reputed restaurant in Lahore that serves various Asian cuisines. This restaurant is famous for its delicious nihari and is located at the Jail Road, Lahore. It is one if the oldest nihari restaurants in Lahore. You can get rich in taste and spicy nihari from there. Moreover, prices are quite reasonable.

4: Monal Lahore

Monal is located at Park and Ride Plaza, Liberty Roundabout, Lahore. As Monal is already famous for its buffet and food quality but it also serves really Beef Nihari and is worth trying considering the ambiance as well.

7: Capri

This restaurant is located at 34 Commercial Zone near Bundu Khan, Lahore. This restaurant provides good quality food at very reasonable prices. You can get the best beef nihari from here. On weekends you have to reach early in the morning to reserve good seat otherwise you may miss their delicious breakfast.



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