And they are just that — blogs I find fun! Some I have followed for years and years, some are pretty new to me. Some deal with 100% light and fluffy stuff, some dig a little deeper into the meat of life. Some of them share the most beautiful prose, some are random and chatty and full of incomplete sentences. But I love them all, and can genuinely say that I look forward to reading them most mornings (after I read The Skimm, of course, which I’m still obsessed with), and also genuinely admire each of the bloggers behind them. ♥

So if any of you are on the prowl for some new non-recipe blogs, I thought I’d share 7 of my favorites with you today. I’m guessing you’ll be familiar with a few, but I’m hoping there might be a few new gems in there for you to discover. And hey — if you have some favorites of your own, pretty please share them in the comments below, because I totally want to check ’em out.

Have “fun”!


What It Is: A lifestyle blog by Erin Loechner, filled with beautifully-written essays on everything from design to parenting, marriage, work, travel and more.

Why I Love It: I’ve never met Erin before in person, but she feels like such a kindred spirit. I have enjoyed tuning into her blog for years (like, so many years now!) for a dose of real-life inspiration and lovely prose. Her posts on navigating motherhood and marriage have always been some of my favorites. But I have always especially connected with her posts on slowing down, creativity, and self-care, probably because they’re always words I need to take to heart myself. I really admire how open she has been to letting her career evolve and pivot in some big ways over the past decade, and I can’t wait to follow along wherever the next roads may lead.

Recommendations: Every single post in her Life archives. All of the links at the bottom of this post. The Live FashionABLE scarf that she designed.



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