10 Inspirational Travel Bloggers You Should Follow in 2023 Apkmusk

I love reading other travel blogs almost as much as I like writing for my own. Not only are they a great way to get travel inspiration and tips but it’s also inspiring to see what others have achieved through doing what they love.

Although I like each blog listed below for different reasons; they are all unique, creative, engaging and inspirational, which is why I think each of them should make it onto your own subscribe list this year.

Important Note: This is my own personal list of travel bloggers you should follow. This isn’t a list that people can ask to be on (or even pay) their way on to! I also add to this list each year. Some have recently been added and some have been on here for a while (which is why some of the screenshots are a little out-of-date now!)

Solo Sophie

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I first came across Sophie’s blog when someone shared her article: You Can’t Visit Paris and Miss These Cute Parisian Cafes on Twitter. I had a quick read of it, and from that moment, I was hooked! It was the way she talked about Paris that I loved. Paris is a large part of her blog, although she does write about other places around the world too including London and Romania. She really knows how to show the true beauty of places through her writing and photography. I also love the fact that she brings quite a lot of history into her blog too. So even if she’s just writing about a cute cafe somewhere, there’s always a line or two about its history, which means you’re learning a lot through Sophie’s blog.

It was via Facebook that Happy to Wander wandered into my life, through the Female Travel Bloggers group to be exact. Someone had shared her article: Instagram Mistakes You’re Probably Making (And How To Fix Them) as the go-to resource for Instagrammers. So… I had a read. And wow! Not only was it super useful, but her writing is downright hilarious! You’ll find all kinds of content on her blog from quick quizzes to mammoth travel guides. Her Munich Oktoberfest guide is still hands down one of the best articles I’ve read this year. And when you combine hilarious writing with useful travel advice, dreamy photos and an engaging online presence, well… that’s why she’s on this list! I also recommend checking out her other blog: Slaying Social, which is where you’ll find the best advice for growing your social platforms. She’s also recently started a Youtube channel, which is next level!



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